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Greyhound was offering a 2 for 1 ticket purchase this year, called the "companion fare", so we decided all of a sudden to go for Sonora, Mexico. Amanda and James didn't really believe me, because I had made such an empty promise or hint before. But this time was for real! It was however to be an 18 hour trip to the Nogales, Arizona/Mexico border and another 6 or 7 hours by the time we reached Kino Nuevo, where the beaches are quiet, and beautiful, and are untouched by gringos or anyone, except for Mexicans from northern Mexico or Hermosillo. There was never more than 10 people in site on the beach. My kids continued to eat like they were starving to death every 2 hours when we would stop, for a rest. We all bought treats, cookies, ice cream, pop, etc ever two hours. Is a $100 a day a lot for treats for four people for 18 hours? Seemed like it was for me!!

Hermosillo finally

On to Kino Nuevo

Finally Hotel Saro
Kino Bay or Bahia Kino is divided into Old and New Kino. Old Kino is about 2 miles from New Kino where all deserted (for this time of year) resort homes are and only 2 small hotels. Hotel Saro was in my Let's Go Mexico book. It was a great, personal hotel, with a/c, TV, for $40/night for all four of us.
We had purchased the ticket all the way to Nogales, Mexico, in the hopes of making the border crossing easier, but to my dismay, I read everything in "Let's Go" Mexico, book but the part that said I needed proof of citizenship or birth for each person going into Mexico, especially the children. All of a sudden we were stopped there, asked for such documents, and all I had was my word, and my own driver's license and a credit card. In Spanish, I was notified that I could not enter the country. The only other choice was to find a notary republic and somehow convince him that this was my wife and children.

Our room, one end

Other end..

Shower after swimmin..
Saro was an Italian guy, and Ihit it off immediately with him speaking Italian to him. We paid $40 for all four of us, with a/c (after it gets going). Room was 100 feet from ocean, here you see one end then the other end of the room. The outside shower was for washing salt water off you.

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